A Unique Amphitheater With International StandardsThe brand-new “New Great Wall Amphitheatre”, as the landmark of the New Great Wall Retreat, premiered at the 2014 festival. It is designed by the world renowned architect Yung Ho Chang. The amphitheatre owns the best acoustic and functional designing. Seating within a 20,000sqm open field, the theatre is the main performance stage occupying a site area of 2,000sqm. The Amphitheater aims at being the new culture landmark as Hollywood Bowl and Waldbühne Berlin.

Design ConceptThe New Great Wall Amphitheater sites within the central performance area of the New Great Wall Retreat. Locating at the south west corner of the open field with hills on four sides, sun sets behind the theatre into the hills. The theatre, with movable canopies, is capable to open up as a gateway towards the setting sun.

FunctionsThe Great Wall Amphitheater is designed to suit a variety of performances, from classical music to contemporary music. It will be capable to house a capacity of 80-100 orchestra members, providing necessary backstage spaces such as waiting area, dressing room, instrument storage, rehearsal room, toilets and showers, etc.

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