The Great Wall Forest Festival is an annual outdoor music and art festival held on the weekends from May to September in the New Great Wall Valley near Shuiguan Great Wall in Yanqing County, Beijing. Since founded in 2010, the festival has been committed to build the leading brand of "China outdoor music ", has invited many musicians and artists all around the world to perform in the festival. This festival has attracted more than 200 thousand audiences. The unique natural environment surrounded by mountains and the comfortable outdoor art experience make audiences regard it as the "Most Beautiful Festival in China".


Great Wall Forest Festival was founded in 2010. Since 1998, IDG investment team which has a unique vision on Chinese culture entertainment industry begun to do the long-term in-depth research on American Tanglewood Music Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, Berlin Forest Concert and Edinburgh Art Festival and so on. The festival drew lessons from the style, quality, and the geographical and cultural conditions, aiming to create an art miracle belongs to China on north latitude 40 °to share the lifestyle of outdoor art with Chinese public.

With the purpose of "nature, art and life", the Great Wall Forest Festival has been held for eight years, staged more than 400 concerts of different themes and forms, invited thousands of artists to join. In recent years, the festival has constantly tried to explore the richness of art and launched the children's special performance, tents party, dance day, folk theme activities and many other sub-brand activities of different styles. Also, this festival combined camping, food, art workshop, theme forum, and adventure activities together, which enables every audience to spend a memorable weekend with music, art, nature and their family and friends to accompany.

The venue of Great Wall Forest Festival located in Beijing Yanqing district, where has the 16 square kilometers original forests. It’s near the Great Wall of Badaling, Shuiguan and the Juyongguan, at an altitude of 700 meters, west to the beijing-tibet expressway, xing-yan expressway, and jing-zhang high-speed railway (built in 2019), east to the 110 national road. 55 kilometers away from Beijing downtown, it takes about 50 minutes by car, and it will be only 40 minutes by high-speed train in 2019. Known as the “most beautiful art site in China", the new Great Wall Valley not only has the unique geographical location and natural environment of Beijing suburb, but also has more than 30 scenic spots within 30 kilometers.

IDG capital was founded in 1992 and is the first foreign investment fund to enter China to conduct venture capital activities. By the first half of 2017, IDG capital has supported more than 600 outstanding enterprises in China, of which more than 150 have listed in China and overseas markets or achieved merger and acquisition exits.

IDG capital cultural industry investment fund focuses on the investment of cultural and entertainment industry and has a unique vision for the film and television performance and cultural tourism industry. It also has rich experience in investment and management of cultural industry.
* reached strategic cooperation with fashion group in 1998 and successfully introduced overseas high-quality copyright and advanced management methods into China;
* invested in the "Impression Series" landscape performance in 2006, invested in Zhang yimou's "Turandot" in 2009 and successfully built a world-class high-quality cultural performance;
* in 2009 successfully invested in Wuzhen tourism co., ltd. to build a national 5A scenic spot which receives 5 million domestic and overseas tourists annually, and has been the permanent host of the world Internet conference since 2014;
* invested and hosted "Great Wall Forest Festival" in 2010 to build the leading brand of outdoor music in China;
* invested in Beijing WTown in 2011 aiming to build the international leisure tourism resort area at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall.


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