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“2015长城森林艺术节——儿童专场”将在本周四(4月30日)中午12点至下午2点开辟特别“闪购”时段, 指定时段内在闪购专区购买5月30日、31日家庭套票可享受五折优惠!机不可失,上好闹钟,准备行动吧!




Q: Can I re-enter the festival after the tickets checking?
A: Yes, please take the audience exit, the staff will give you a temp-ticket to re-enter.

Q: Does my child need a ticket?
A: Chile within 1 year old or baby under 80cm can get in for free. Every other child attends the festival will need a ticket.

Q: Can I buy tickets after the arrival?
A: Yes, there are box offices at each entrance. Payments through wechat, Ali Pay, or cash will all be acceptable

Q: If I’d like to give my tickets to friends, what to know?
A: If you got the ticket through our website, you will be needed to take your ID card to enter, if transfer, you should leave your ID card to your friend too. If you received the paper tickets or text message, you can forward the message or tickets directly.


Q: How long does it take for road?
A: It’s about 90 minutes drive from Beijing.

Q: Will there be parking spot and does it charge for parking?
A: There are two parking lots, there will be traffic direction when you enter, the general parking is free, the premium parking charges 100RMB/Day (need to buy in advance)

At the festival

Q: What shall I bring?
A: Sun cream, essential balm, hoody, cap, plastic bags, cushions are recommended to bring.

Q: Is drinking water and hot water available at the festival?
A: No drinks are allowed to bring in the festival; there will be beverage sales at the festival.

Q: Can I use tent at the festival?
A: Yes, audiences are allowed to use tents at specific areas until the show is over.

Q: Can I bring pets?
A: Sorry, no pets are allowed to enter the site.

Tent Hotel

Q: How big is the tent?
A: The tent is round circle with the diameter 400CM,please see details in the pictures.

Q: Can I bring food? Is there restaurants nearby?
A: Yes, food is allowed to bring in. No breakfast service for tent hotel guests. There is also food court at the festival

Q: Can I bring friends to our camp tent?
A: There are 3 passes package and 4 passes package for tent hotel. If more people to come, 300RMB/person will be charged(tent hotel& festival pass)

Q: Is campfire allowed?
A: Sorry, for safety reasons, any kind of fire is not allowed to bring in in the campsite.

Q: Is there outlets in the tent?
A: No, there's no electricity in the tent. Please bring your portable charger for your phone.

Q: What if the weather is not good?
A: The tent is heavy-rain proofed. The tent hotel will only be cancelled if there comes extreme weathers.

Q: Is there any CVS/711 nearby?
A: No, The nearest store will be in Yanqing Country, it's about 17KM from the festival.

Q: Is there shower rooms at the camp?
A: Yes, there is. And we'll offer a wash bag which includes a towel,brush,toothpaste,shampoo.etc inside.

Q: Can I buy Tent Hotel pass at the festival?
A: There are only 50 tents at our Tent Hotel Zone, no more will be available once sold out.

About VIP

Q: What's in VIP package?
A: VIP exclusive rights includes:
1 VIP special seats: close to the stage, food order services.
2 VIP lounge:400 square meters lounge with high-end food&beverages.

Q: Do I need to buy pass for festival after I bought VIP package?
A: Yes, VIP package is an upgrade services for VIP audiences. You can not enter the festival by only having a VIP package.

Q: Do i have a specific seat number to enter VIP seat zone?
A: Yes, but you can not choose your seats online, please call 400-063-0260 to book your seat, or your seat will under our arrangements.

Q: Does VIP package include the premium parking?
A: No, it doesn't. Please buy the premium parking separately.

Q: Is there a family VIP package? Will food be included in the package?
A: Sorry there's no package for family VIP, you can buy them separately.there will be water and snacks at the VIP lounge.

Hotel Accommodation

Q: The earliest check-in time and the latest check-out time?What's the type of the room? Extra bed
A: The earliest check-in time usually is 2pm, the latest check-out time is 12pm. Each hotel have a different standard package, please go to the ticketing page to see more details.

Q: Is there shuttle bus service from the hotel?
A: Sorry. No shuttle bus service yet.

Ticket number: 400-063-0260
Other inquiries:010-65256899
If you need any help at the festival, please go our official info booth.

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